Perle de Lumieres - La boutique des abat-jour..... beautiful lamp shades

I had the pleasure to speak with Sylvie through email and exchange some lovely words about our business, work, etc....
After visiting her beautiful webpage, I fell in love with her lamp shade creations. All very unique and wonderfully made. I really love that European look, sophisticated fabrics she uses, and her lovely painted designs. Specially the one with a beautiful scene of Venice.....


This lovely "L" embroidered lamp shade would look lovely in one of the cut glass lamp in Lulu's bedroom...... "j'adore"......


I absolutely love this very unique shade with a beautiful and delicate lace and unusual shape..... at least to me.


Lagune de Venise

I hope you will have a chance to visit her lovely blog as well as beautiful boutique.
Her classic and exquisite designs are fabulous!
I hope you enjoy!

Dreaming shabby..........

Photography: Perle de Lumieres

Dreaming Shabby Touring Through Blogland Blog Tour 2014

I've been invited by my dearest friend Mary at A Breath Of Fresh Air, to be a part of the current blog tour……known as Touring Through Blogland.

I've met Mary, her husband and lovely granddaughter way, way back when I was living in the Triangle Area in NC. 

Mary's blog and friendship have inspired me through the past few years. Her fabulous taste and sophistication in home decorating, has influenced me in finding my own decor style and I'm grateful for that. We have shared so many unforgettable moments antique shopping, running a booth at an antique store together, and sometimes simply enjoying a cup of coffee talking about life's blessings.

Mary is a wonderful blog writer and her writing style is fabulous. I wish I could write as well as she does, but I still have long ways to go with my English language writing skills. If you haven't already visited her beautiful and inspiring blog I suggest you to click here to read more about her and all the amazing places she's been. 

Mary's photo of our living room in hour first house ~ one of my very first white room designs.

I'm to answer four questions………so here goes.

1.  What are you working on right now?

 I'm constantly working towards developing my blog and Instagram profiles. Lately I've been really involved with Instagram, sharing my decorating pictures, furniture painting projects and other ideas and tips about "shabbyfying" my home. I love how instant the interaction with my followers happen and I really enjoy reading and replying to each one of them either individually or in a group message. They keep me going, inspired..... I'm always thinking of something fun or pretty to share with them and hope they will enjoy.
I do plan on posting more often here on my blog. I have tons of pictures I would love to share with all of you! I also have plans to develop my own little line of handmade goodies. "Dreaming shabby" feels good.....

 Lace lamp shade and distressed side tables ~ a sample of the work I enjoy doing when feeling inspired ~ They may be beautifying someones shabby home somewhere....
2. How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Well, there are so many fabulous shabby decor blogs, websites, and other professionals in this field out there. My wish is to let my followers and readers get to know me by being original and true to who I am when it comes to sharing my thoughts and decor ideas with them.
It really means the world to me when I hear someone says: "Oh Vanessa! I thought of you the other day when I saw that shabby thing you love..." 
It's a lovely feeling when someone knows exactly about the things you love, care, and cherish.
I make a daily mental note: ~ Be true to yourself ~
My decor is inspired by Shabby Chic®, European, and relaxed beach styles. 
Gotta love the ocean!

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

 I have a passion for writing but I must confess that the fact that I actually write this blog in a language that's not my native language can be very challenging. So I try to create my posts as simple as I can.
The process in creating what I do became an outlet for all my thoughts in decorating with simplicity come true.
I really enjoy the simple things!

4. How does your writing/creating process work? 

Sometimes I feel like I should be blogging more often, but taking my time and really getting inspired to post about something I would enjoy sharing takes a while.
My thoughts come faster then my fingers could type, and my translating skills are always being challenged in expressing exactly what I would like to say.
Usually I open a new blog post page and write my ideas away, then I start editing it and choosing my photos when that special inspiration comes about.


I now have to pass the baton to two more bloggers who hopefully will share their stories with you.

My lovely friend whom I very much enjoyed having a creative and fun design call……Michaela of The Beauty Of Imperfections
and one of the very first follower of this blog of mine, my dear friend……Victoria of
  Slightly Shabby
Hope everyone has a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by.
Dreaming Shabby.............


Liliput Lodge - My trip to The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell Part 2

As I settle back into my home sweet little home and unpack my bags from my recent trip to motherland, I will leave you the second part of my series of posts about my unforgettable trip to The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.

I hope you will enjoy!

Thanks for following along!

The Liliput Lodge

Looking out of the balcony at the Liliput Lodge... this dirt road made me think of so many dreams, places I want to go, things I want to do, and people I want to help....