Rangers Lounge - My trip to The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell Part 1

Today I'm blog posting from my motherland Brazil, and I'm excited to share with all of you a series of posts I put together. In each blog post, I will share little more about my trip to the Prairie by Rachel Ashwell in Round Top, Texas.

I will start with the Rangers Lounge which was the first place we stepped in.....


Dreaming Shabby at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.....

More than words can ever express the feelings that you'll get when visiting this wonderful place......
This is a little video I made while visiting The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell in Round Top, Texas. An amazing scenery, caring and hospitable people, and scrumptious food.....

The Prairie crew Danny, Deb and Marie were wonderful to us! They definitely made us feel right at home. I was thrilled to meet them in person not only because they were representing Rachel Ashwell and her fabulous business but because they were truly genuine and amazing people!

After being on the road for 19 plus hours, that warm and friendly reception was exactly what I was hoping for and they exceed my expectations.....

Thanks to Rachel Ashwell for sharing her magical world with us, Danny and Deb for the healthy and delicious breakfast they prepared for us, Marie for her loving smile, hospitality and for showing us around The Prairie site as well as sharing some lovely stories with Ryan and I.

We're thankful to all of you!

I look forward to come back some day..... dreaming shabby.....



Ebay shop, wrapping packages, little surprises and giveaway winner!

Have you sold or purchased something from Ebay? I'm pretty sure most of you out there have or has bought something to decorate your home or a personal use item from someone on Ebay. 

 I have been selling and also buying shabby items and other household items on Ebay for a while now, and I must say that each time my experience is different.

Some seller really do create a nice and enjoyable buying/selling process. Thank goodness I have not had many disappointing experiences so far.

Usually when I buy something, I somewhat have that expectation to see how my package will arrive and also how long it will take until I receive it. I mostly get things in great shape but the packages are usually wrapped in the standard plastic bag, which it is still great for the items protection.

When I sell an item, I think of myself and those expectations before its arrival and for that main reason, I enjoy creating pretty package wrapping, adding little notes, etc. I also like to ship my sold items with priority mail, that way my customers won't be waiting for so long to receive their purchases.

Here is a Simply Shabby Chic® pintuck round pillow I sold the other day. I gathered all the little details to be included in this mail and started the packing process.

I love to wrap my packages with remnant pieces of floral fabrics I have used for some sewing projects and cut them into strips to make ribbons. Sometimes I'll use any sort of delicate or decorative twine.

Each and every package is arranged differently and it also comes with a simple surprise I usually add to them. No matter what the size of the item to be shipped, I will always add a little final touch.

This lucky buyer will receive a pink pencil from the Treasures by Shabby Chic® collection as a little gift.

I do this because I love creating a relationship with my customers and I think of each one in a special way, and always wonder how they would like to receive the package and also how they will be using the item they have just purchased from me. It's my own way to tell them how much I care for them in other words.

I have just recently added a link to my Ebay shop on the above pages link. You're welcome to visit it at any time!

And, here is the winner for my Handmade Summer Giveaway!

Stephanie, you're the winner of my Summer Giveaway!

Thank you for all of you who entered this giveaway!
I hope to have another giveaway soon!

Dreaming shabby.....